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Blogging the life of a boy who has yet to experience life. Initially this is for blogging, Hope that doesnt change :).

As well as, weight loss will be a common thought in my posts, continuing my goal of a healthy lifestyle with the perfect weight! (if there is such a thing)

September 22, 2012 1:31 am

Working at Walmart -snapshot-

Walmart is a pretty fly place once you’re in. Get your free 10% discount card, which isn’t too shabby. Especially since their prices are “oh so low” already, just makes it that much better. Most of the employees or, what they say, associates, are pretty nice people as well. All the managers wear glasses, and i’ve noticed that walmart tries their best to keep you there, and never have you leave. With stock purchase plans and constantly informing you of careers that you can create if you continue to work there. None the less, i don’t buy it, i believe to become a customer service manager, you require at least 5 years, and yet, you still don’t have a great job. Another 10-15 years, probably a manager of a department, and you can’t get much farther i would imagine. Getting probably 20-25$ an hour after 15 years of dedicated work, and still doing a crappy job. Thank god i am going to college this winter. If i find myself still working at Walmart for 5 more years, something happend. Something bad, and i am probably a depressed man. Ironically most associates are as happy as they can be, at least, they act like it.

My customers are great! I have noticed my frequent customers, and i’ve noticed my most hated customers. Don’t get me wrong though, what i am about to write may seem racist, but i am speaking from experience and frequency of this occurence. Arabian customers are very cautious with their money. I laugh to think that people would say this about Jews(who has not heard of a Jew joke - I must be racist haha). They are the ones that frequently stare down the monitor and if the price is mis-labled, they are damn well  going to be heard. Ussually it turns out it was their mistake, and they had a misunderstanding. Then they end up having myself take it off of their grocery list, and i have to put it to side, since no one wants it. Also bringing as many coupons. Not only that though, they are very negative. Always quiet, funny how usually their kids are very joyful and happy(must of been how they were raised in India or genes?) And you get the sense that they are are watching that if you DARE make a mistake, they are going to bring down the knife on you.

Now that the rant is over, i must say, being a walmart Cashier is great. Lots of fun, and yet i still need to get a walmart mastercard application, i am enjoying my job! Pay is not great, but i don’t mind, I’ve got ‘other’ things that aid me in my youthful income. Thankyou!~

May 19, 2012 6:15 am


So, just for fun, i attempted to find a whack of items that i would buy. Mostly electronics, stuff that I use daily, and just random things. Couldn’t even get pass the 6000$ mark, I wouldn’t know what to purchase. Ofcourse, i diddn’t go super expensive items, just what i thought were the best. Unless, do i need that 100 inch HDTV? 

Unless you wanted to buy jewlerry or clothes and stuff, maybe 10000$ would go buy really quickly! But, just pure electronics. Nope, no way i could find what to buy.

So with the additional 4000$ or so, i was thinking. ROAD TRIP ACROSS NORTH AMERICA.

May 11, 2012 7:27 pm

Making Simulation Money!

Made 1800$ in simulation money! Been playing around with the forex market, and well,  made 1800$ on today alone. Today, if you check the US/CAD pair, there was a huge drop, and i purchased, and ofcourse, it went backup. And bam, 1800$ in simulation money! If only i had real money invested!

This really makes me interested in taking an economics course when available. One reason why i think that this is great is that, brokers give you a leverage. Ranging from 50:1 to 500:1! So, for every 1$, you have 500$ to use in the forex market. Reason of this, is due to the stability of the dollar, stock brokers give alot small rates due to the huge changes that can happen. So, once i get 1000$, going to put it in a forex broker, and startplaying with 500,000$! Ofcourse, there is the possibility that i will go negative, but it is very likely, it will go back up, and hopefully it all works out!

It is very exciting, i mean, today alonei made 1800$ in the forex market (simulator, but still!) If i found 2 or 3 times a month, that i was pretty certain that the US/CAD pair would increase by money, would be set!

I may be doing this post just to persuade myself to get into the market, but i am confident that this could be something very big i my life. Or very bad, Lets get busy. Sadly the market is closed over the weekend, so, no trading for me! :”(]

I think i am missing something, i am sure there is some catch that i have not read about yet which makes the market extremely difficult to make money, but never know. I may know all the catches already, and i am just trying to catch, THE CATCH.